Camp Sinawa May 24,25,26,27, 2019

Camp Sinawa- [email protected]  

Contact person John Jansen (920) 973-1642 

4 days 3 nights

75 beds 

11 Cabins

tents are allowed and motorhomes

Jeff and Terry Olso was in charge of Salvation Army 

Frank- was a vet who worked with the tent company (920) 901-5828

Tony Be Erhbar rental company (920) 770-8308

Linda tent manager (920) 431-0938

Habitat for humanity 

Look at the project from  Netflix 

Military personnel and family.

Ranger riders ( John Jansen ) said he will get in contact with the rangers and see if they would be a part of the event.

$803.00 per night for 3 nights and 4 days total 2,409 

75 people $500 for weekend $37,500

Food, workshops, seminars, boating