The Health and Wellness Institute worldwide (HAWIW) is a nonpartisan, nationwide, nonprofit organization that develops seminars, workshops, presentations and lectures to restore and rebuild communities in personal and professional development physically, mentally, and emotionally. This education is based on emotional and social intelligence. The programs have been recommended by Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, and Entrepreneurs. “ Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!” learning and development programs are to assist communities, organizations, and public health services to restore the physical, mental and emotional health, and wellbeing starting with self-management skills for a whole healthy human being. Our vision is that every human being possesses in multiple environments (home, school, community, etc.) Emotional, social, physical, and cognitive programs. These developmental domains and environments are interconnected. The programs of Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide are the commitment to outcomes in the area of Emotional and Social intelligence and wellness. This focus on the whole person requires the empowerment of districts working toward equitable outcomes for all human beings.

Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide is that all human beings possess the emotional and social learning skills necessary to preserve through challenging circumstances.


Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide is a mission-based education consulting organization that combines education, advocacy, and strategy to drive improvements in the U.S. public education system through advancing evidence-based innovations and systems change, with a central focus on equity. Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide works at the local, state, national, and federal levels with a range of partners to help transform education systems, high school to higher education, and to significantly improve education opportunities and outcomes for all students. This is in line with increasing research on the science of learning and development that shows the importance of student’s contexts and learning environments for their success in school and beyond.

States federally approved plans for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act illustrate an emerging focus on emotional and social learning and development, strengthened conditions for student learning, and whole child support in education systems. States are beginning to include language, measures, and support around these areas of work ESSA state plans, many for the first time. This emerging shift is important because it signals a move away from focusing mainly on academic performance for purposes of accountability and support for schools and districts. It reflects a broadened theory of action that emotional and social learning and development, learning conditions, and whole-person supports are key to providing more equitable learning environments and improving outcomes for students and the community.

Health And Wellness Institute Worldwide 

Defining health and wellness.

  • A strong and stable foundation for one's intelligence to work for the improvement of life in human beings. 
  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional fitness orchestrated for the balancing of the mind-body to be in the state of health and wellness.

Every human has the right to this education!  Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide

Education and Literacy.


Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

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